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Fruits: The Mixtape (2012)


‘Cause NAK’s your a typical gentleman, Juliet on a precipice
An energetic spirit meshed in critical gentleness
Poetic allegory with a visual elegance:
Sword of heavy elements, splitting physical sediment
Embedded on my dagger is indelible Latin
My travels shredding up the fabric... satin cape dragging
Chivalry mastered with incredible passion;
Centripetal slash into the head of a dragon
Embark upon a quest to wipe the dust from off the honor
And not a single foe will touch the luster of the armor
The honorary son to an everlasting Father
Conquering the darkness with an alabaster jargon
You, pervasive darkness, I’m your counteractive challenger
Who fuels the flaming hearts of righteousness in every champion
Tool amalgamated with an everlasting caliber
You fools don’t want a duel with the commander of Excalibur

So this is for my... liege
This is for my... Lord
Your words are my... reason:
This will be my sword
This is for my... King
And this is for my... God
I live for every... beat:
Now this will be my... heart

So I comply unto the Lord’s might; fellowship in warm light
He molds the warrior with both intelligence and foresight
Brotherhood will cover short comings restore height
Ignore fright, charges to inevitable sword fight
Masterful, multilateral perception
He invested in my destiny, I fed it and I kept it
I built upon it, broke upon it, cut it and and dissect it
And in my bloody palms I held my heart with all its treasure
Coward to empowered, and I can’t begin to fathom
Why frequently the seemingly sheepish are picked to battle
I beg to the ask the question, my liege. In half a second
My lead to my redemption lost focus and direction
The path of the kings is paved with sharp briar
I slashed with my swings and blazed like harsh fire
Sparks fly, ricochet off the armed fighter
And through my sharp vision, you’ll find my heart’s kinder

Truth at my waist, salvation on my face
Righteous breast plate with a shield full of faith
Voice of the emcee’s sword in his speech
I run with the beat with the peace at my feet
‘Cause rap ain’t a game, it’s a battle for the soul
The walls of the mind well fortified and cold
The method of the old couldn’t even break a hole
So I round about the catapults to load then I pull
The towers of Babel will fall, crumbling
The cowards and heartless are caught stumbling
Devour the darkness and all underlings
Thundering beneath the Earth awakening the slumbering
You warriors, rise and set the standard
You generals, ride into the vanguard
A kingdom advancing and now it can’t stop
Every heart alive now rise and put your hands up

This is for my... liege
This is for my... Lord
Your words are my... reason:
This will be my sword
This is for my... King
This is for my... God
I live for every... beat:
Now this will be my... heart


from All Songs (2009 - 2016), released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: DJ Kross (Youtube.com/KrissKrOssProduxionz)




nak Chino, California

Jazz-Hop / Lo-Fi / Lyrical

↠ Filipino-American lyricist. Chronically depressed, irrational over-thinker. Teacher, graduate student, registered nurse. Chino, California. This is shy rap. Repentance despite feeling forsaken. Emotions for introverts. Sounds for the hopeful. Living proof that God could use losers. Music best enjoyed alone. ... more

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