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from by nak

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Hourglass (Remix)
Fruits: The Mixtape (2012)


Time unravels the layers we need to hide the scars
The rhyme enables the prayer to feed the silent hearts
I dream the least of these will reach into the highest star-
...see the galaxy... gleam across the sky of Mars
We're all broken, but together we are priceless shards
Life's a masterpiece- and pride defile the finest art
...And this place is so dangerous.
...The moon hides away its face... its so ashamed of us
Far from perfect and the little girls are hurting-
-Scars furnishing the surface like their skin and hearts are worthless
Burning... her face into the sour back hand
Since when did "man" turn into a coward's last stand?
-A true man abandons the cannon he can't man
And handles humility down a path can't plan
Time is of the essence to empower rap fans
So my hands'll make a castle with the hourglass sand

Approach the homeless while I'm gloating in this coat of arms
I know it's hard, the snow is harsh- I got a frozen heart -
It's so cold, it got me closing up these open arms-
-I play the hand that's dealt to me; they look like hopeless cards
Cursed inheritance... projecting all my arrogance
to shoot up into heaven now its raining dead seraphim
Like a kitten be kicking a ball of yarn-
-I got... Grace in my heart, my chest, legs and arms
- it hurts to learn the truth... when it surfaces above
I'm lurking in my blood from the person that I love
Better context, drawing the connection...
My efforts for success is for blessing my whole collective
Striving for perfection is a never-ending lesson
- dedication to reception to the funeral procession
It's time for the succession, I'm here lead the chosen-
-Like Moses; with faith that provokes an ocean open

Make way, you clouds, the sun is coming out
So put down your grudges, 'cause time is running out
God, paint the sky, the sun is coming out
Let's learn to forgive, 'cause time is running out
Farewell to the night, the sun is coming out
End all the hate, 'cause time is running out
Grace is renewed when the sun's coming out
So let's learn how to love, 'cause time is running out


from All Songs (2009 - 2016), released April 16, 2017
Lyrics: NAK
Production: Moleman (Youtube.com/moleman183)
Engineer: Evan Awake (cultclassicrecords.bandcamp.com)




nak Chino, California

A Filipino-American lyricist, rapper, poet and chronically depressed, irrational over-thinker, teacher, graduate student, and registered nurse from Chino, California. This is shy rap. Repentance despite feeling forsaken. Lyricism at its lowest. Emotional music for introverted people. Sounds for the hopeful. Living proof that God could use losers. Music best enjoyed alone. ... more

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